WCMS 3.2.11 release

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Release notes


  • added a "priority" display style to special alerts
  • added the ability to optionally display a title, date, and time associated with special alerts
  • added the ability to select heading levels for block titles
  • added the ability to reset a manually-rearranged order for contacts or profiles to the default (using "name for sorting purposes")


  • fixed an issue where uploads over the filesize limit would cause the upload page not to load correctly
  • fixed an issue that was preventing content from being displayed or edited when the dimensions of some images used in a copy block were not "gettable" by the code
  • refactored some code for easier changes in the future
  • updated and added to automated tests
  • updated multiple contrib modules
  • removed unused contrib modules

Theming changes

  • adjusted the brand colours to match new Pantone standards
  • changed the ID for the search submit button so it doesn't cause an accessibility issue when the page also has a webform
  • ensured section background images serve an appropriately-sized image (previously released as a hotfix)
  • ensured media image selection uses appropriately-sized "lazy loaded" images
  • made theming development compatible with PHP 8.1

Migration fixes

  • fixed compatibility issues under PHP 8.1

Additional changes

  • concurrent with this release, a change was made to allow the "site name" portion of URLs to be case-insensitive