WCMS 3.2.14 release

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Release notes


  • added automatic removal on display for empty tags, and tags that only contain spaces or non-breaking spaces, for accessibility
  • added the ability to see and filter by the current moderation state of content to the dashboard listing
  • made events show in the time zone they are created in, and include GMT offset information


  • ensured media file deletion works for all files, not just the ones uploaded by the user doing the deletion
  • prevented content types that are not meant to be linked to from showing up in the link autocomplete
  • stopped protected path protection from protecting against paths that begin with the characters from the protected paths (e.g. "admin" being a protected path no longer prevents creating a path named "administrative-staff")
  • fixed listing pages so that items with multiple tags only appear once when the listing is filtered by more than one of those tags
  • fixed automated sort options on timelines
  • fixed the header for "who can use" on services, so it no longer displays "what can use"
  • made videos added using youtube.com (without "www." in front) properly display the "view on YouTube" link
  • ensured tag links on content pages only include the site URL once
  • updated site clone/rename script to handle changing URLs in more fields
  • updated multiple contrib modules

Theming changes

  • ensured filters on listing pages have labels for accessibility
  • made commas in tag lists be inside list items, both for accessibility and preventing an issue where the comma might wrap to the start of the next line
  • fixed the dashboard title background sticking out above the top of columns

Migration fixes

  • removed migration of webform access settings that were preventing saving the access settings on migrated forms