WCMS 3.2.15 release

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Release notes


  • updated the API to version 3
  • added the ability to align or hide captions for images in the image and image gallery blocks
  • added Editoria11y, an inline full page accessibility checker


  • made the services listing page only show top-level service categories
  • made the service category listing page show nested categories as separate headers (note that "flat" service categories are recommended; the appearance of nested categories needs improvement)
  • made it so that adjusting filters on the content list no longer reloads the entire page to display results; this also allows multiple content list blocks to be added to the dashboard with the filters acting independently
  • updated multiple contrib modules

Theming changes

  • fixed an accessibility issue where page titles were not using the <h1> tag when a hero image was used on the page
  • fixed an issue where bold/italics/links/etc. in a caption would split to multiple lines when a media item was present on the same page
  • ensured that bold/italics/etc. in tables in the site footer are not white-on-white
  • prevented spacing issues when the last paragraph in a copy block was followed by another element (e.g. an ordered or unordered list)