WCMS 3.2.16 release

Monday, April 8, 2024

All WCMS 3 sites will soon be upgraded to WCMS 3.2.16.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Release notes


  • consolidated all single content type listing blocks into generic blocks for automatic and manual listings
  • consolidated all single content type teaser blocks into a single content teaser block
  • added an option to the dashboard content list block to allow selecting a default moderation state
  • added a Mailchimp webform handler to allow using WCMS webforms to submit information to Mailchimp
  • added the ability to the editor to identify selections of text as being in a specific language (languages not found in the list can be used by adding the appropriate language identifier in source view, but if a language you intend to use regularly is not on the list, please submit a ticket)
  • added XLSX (Microsoft Excel) export for webform results and made it the default


  • ensured webform email handlers show the previously-entered value when editing, as opposed to the default value
  • improved URL alias validation to better avoid potential conflicts with OFIS profile URLs
  • introduced caching and fallback mechanisms for the site footer logo if the Brand site is unreachable for any reason
  • updated Kuali implementation to remove warning in logs on first load
  • updated SSO implementation
  • updated multiple contrib modules

Theming changes

  • removed social media HTML from the local site footer when no social media is present, for accessibility
  • made all day events that span multiple days show the all day indicator instead of the time
  • fixed an issue where the header information was displayed incorrectly on event content using a banner
  • adjusted spacing at side of sections for better consistency on narrower screens