WCMS 3.2.17 release

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

All WCMS 3 sites will soon be upgraded to WCMS 3.2.17.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Release notes


  • added a new "links" block with multiple styling options (this will replace the "related links" block entirely in a future release)
  • added an option to all applicable content types in the automatic list block to "include all items, not just those promoted to the home page"
  • added filter to events API to allow filtering to events happening on a specific day, regardless of event length


  • ensured special alert editing always shows the current information
  • fixed issue where using autocomplete on the forms list dashboard block could lead to a blank space where the list should be
  • added "contact for" information to the contact listing page
  • adjusted the catalog search to use the full pager, search based on "contains all words" instead of "contains any word", and to sort the results alphabetically by title
  • fixed an issue where using the dashboard content list's edit option after filtering or changing pages could lead to a redirect error after saving content
  • adjusted the publication reference view to use the full pager, and sort the year descending by default
  • adjusted the webform settings to improve downloading of large results from Pantheon (note that due to these changes, the link to manually download the file if the automatic download does not work will no longer function)
  • renamed "revision state" to "published state" in the moderation block on node pages, to better reflect what is actually being shown
  • changed the message displayed after logging in to an authenticated form for which you do not have access, to better reflect the reason you cannot use the form
  • removed legacy testing no longer in use
  • removed contrib module no longer in use
  • updated multiple contrib modules

Theming changes

  • made nested service category listings display as a single column with a gap between categories
  • fixed inconsistent font sizing in Kuali embeds
  • ensured grey facts and figures small highlight has contrasting colours for accessibility
  • adjusted the sizing of headers H4 through H6, so that no header is smaller than the paragraph text size