WCMS 3.2.3 release

Monday, April 10, 2023

All WCMS 3 sites are being upgraded to WCMS 3.2.3.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Release notes


  • Added publication reference functionality (a.k.a. BibCite/bibliography/publications/references)
  • Added an option to content types where the summary is required, to allow specifying that the summary is intentionally blank
  • Added the "highlight mark" style to the editor, to allow highlighting text inline


  • Ensured profiles synced to contacts update correctly when the contact is updated
  • Stopped events listing blocks causing notices in the error logs
  • Removed the ability to set certain attributes for webform elements that allowed creating inaccessible content
  • Ensured that redirects can only appear once in a multi-page redirect list
  • Prevented "expired" opportunities from showing in the multi-type list block
  • Prevented users who had some editing access, but not access to specific content types, from having access to view revisions for those content types
  • Fixed the remaining issues preventing taxonomy "reset to alphabetical" from working as expected
  • Renamed "contact tags" to "contact groups" in the dashboard, to match the language used everywhere else
  • Fixed redirect creation failing when the "from" field is the last thing entered
  • Removed the "reset password" link from the login screen for authentication-required sites, as ADFS has separate reset password functionality
  • Ensured the projects listing page properly displays projects by status
  • Ensured the projects listing page displays projects with multiple members only once
  • Swapped the order of the content author and content editor roles so that the one with fewer permissions appears last
  • Defaulted to deleting associated files when deleting media
  • Allowed specifying that there is no link for the host field in the events content type
  • Removed support for "<button>" in all link fields
  • Fixed blog posts not showing the content author when the author field is left blank
  • Prevented expand/collapse group content from being added to menus
  • Removed any pre-existing expand/collapse group content from menus
  • Updated and added to automated tests
  • Updated multiple contrib modules
  • Updated to the latest Drupal release

Theming changes

  • Updated the appearance and order of the social media icons in the footers
  • Prevented long titles from "breaking out" of their block in the dashboard
  • Fixed the appearance of buttons on the "discard layout builder changes" page
  • Fixed issues with the appearance of the search bar when it is open when the page is refreshed or when navigating to another page and returning via the "back" button
  • Fixed the font and sizing of the site title in the site footer when no logo is used
  • Improved the appearance of webform elements that allow multiple values
  • Improved the appearance of image blocks with a caption when using alignment options
  • Ensured the map link on events shows when one is entered
  • Ensured catalog items display the same on all listing pages
  • Ensured catalog category listings display HTML properly
  • Fixed the title for the link to additional information in profiles
  • Removed overly large blank spaces from the projects listing page
  • Ensured headers appear underneath aligned images
  • Updated dashboard link for support to go to new Jira Service Managment dashboard
  • Updated the "no results" text on the profile listing page to match other listing pages
  • Updated the territorial acknowledgement
  • Made inline images display inline instead of on a line by themselves

Migration fixes

  • Made the titles for migrated sidebars match the pattern for new sidebars
  • Fixed an issue where certain migrated redirects would cause the redirect page to not load
  • Made the contact listing page image migrate to all appropriate fields
  • Made the webform number element always migrate as a number element (unless configuration is set to make it a select list)
  • Ensured only forms attached to published content are migrated
  • Made all webform element descriptions migrate to be set to display before the element
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