WCMS 3.2.6 release

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Release notes


  • added options to add backgrounds to sections
    • NOTE: if you encounter a block or other functionality that does not appear correctly on a section background, please submit a bug report
  • added listing and teaser blocks for catalogs
  • added support for "in press" and "submitted" options for publication references
  • added text alignment option to copy blocks
  • added the ability to use the page title as the "big text" on banners on nodes (moving the title to the banner)
  • enabled access to FillPDF (for webforms)
  • added an "enlarged" style in the editor for larger text (matching "highlight" but using black text)
  • added a new "tags" block


  • fixed the link to new users created through "Add UWaterloo user(s)"
  • improved service hours exception handling
  • adjusted the default order for new multi-type lists to match WCMS 2
  • adjusted the autocomplete on the expand/collapse block to show node numbers, sort exact matches to the top, and always show all exact matches
  • prevented errors when using WCMS 2-style query strings on WCMS 3 listing pages
  • removed the ability to redirect to pilots or staging URLs
  • removed the ability to add pilots or staging URLs in link fields
  • fixed many (but not all) issues preventing adding additional images to existing image gallery blocks
  • made teaser block fieldnames consistent
  • added support for name searches against the user list
  • removed unused "show profile title" option from the manual profile list block
  • fixed the "required" behaviour for opportunity's "rate of pay type" field
  • removed the "required" indicator on "media" and "media settings" on nodes
  • fixed cloning of content types that support a blank summary
  • updated OFIS profiles to match latest changes in WCMS 2
  • renamed the "nav arrows only" option in image gallery blocks to "prev/next nav only" to match the actual output when the option is selected
  • prevented saving a teaser block without selecting an item
  • prevented editing user aliases
  • adjusted the dashboard search options for forms so they work separately from the content search options
  • fixed the configuration option for facts and figures that was incorrectly called "section width"
  • updated and added to automated tests
  • updated multiple contrib modules
  • updated to newer Drupal release

Theming changes

  • fixed "dropdown button" appearance in blocks
  • fixed appearance of nested terms in filters
  • improved spacing around aligned inline images added through the editor
  • improved appearance of the <cite> tag in "regular" text
  • improved appearance of global footer links at "in-between" sites
  • made events that end on a different date show the end date
  • removed expand collapse all buttons from contact listing page when there are no results
  • made publication reference search block appearance match the other search blocks
  • made image galleries function properly in 2-column sections
  • ensured catalog keywords link to the appropriate listing page
  • added missing alt text to images in grid-style image galleries
  • improved appearance of the <code> tag
  • made tables inside expand/collapse wrap contents properly
  • ensured all webform descriptions are a consistent font and colour
  • ensured images do not have background colours
  • fixed the appearance of the iCal button on events using a hero image
  • fixed Safari issue where text overlaid images when the image was being scaled up
  • fixed issue with OFIS profiles not showing dates taught
  • corrected some branding colours

Migration fixes

Note: many of these fixes shipped prior to this release as a silent "hotfix".

  • added migration for expand/collapse
  • used the migrated media item for images in summaries
  • removed leading slashes from links in CTAs
  • ensured LaTeX equations work when migrated
  • populated the name for sorting purposes field for profile migrations
  • improved accuracy of menu item order and visibility migration
  • added all missing fields to the Catalog content type migration
  • improved migration of the "generate automatic URL alias" setting
  • added creation of redirects when migrated content URLs change due to new paths in WCMS 3
  • ensured "<" and ">" migrate properly when they appear in columns
  • stopped changing the link to external files