WCMS 3.2.7 release

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Release notes


  • added a "Waterloo News" listing block, to display content from the Waterloo News site
  • changed the default email sender on new webforms to be the author of the form, and removed the option to set this to the [site:email] token
    • note that this means that webform authors must have an "@uwaterloo.ca" email address, or this value must be set to another option, for emails to send successfully
    • to prevent potentially breaking sending, existing forms are not changed, but we highly recommend reviewing existing forms and making this change
  • added a content API
  • added third party video settings to the dashboard, in preparation for Vimeo support in banners
  • adding a setting to allow for a fully visible global menu at desktop size (must be set by support, requires approval to enable)
  • added filters to the opportunities listing page
  • added an audience tag filter to the projects listing page


  • made all taxonomy term links point to our listing pages
  • ensured order is preserved when manually setting weights for items in blocks
  • updated all references to RT to point to JSM
  • ensured the PowerBI URL field is marked as required
  • added the underpinnings for French and Chinese site support
  • updated and added to automated tests
  • updated multiple contrib modules
  • updated to newer Drupal release

Theming changes

  • ensured PowerBI embeds have a reasonable height
  • fixed section spacing heights on full-width sections
  • lightened the grey text on "neutral" call to action items

Migration fixes

  • ensured all supported fields for facts and figures migrate over
  • ensured all all day events migrate set to be all day events
  • ensured promo items with a blank visibility migrate to sidebars for all pages on the site
  • ensured date fields properly migrate the ending information for repeating dates
  • ensured date fields properly migrate additional included dates