WCMS 3.2.9 release

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Release notes


  • removed the ability to add pilots or staging URLs in the editor's link dialog
  • made media selection enforce limits when there is a library selection made and the user uploads a new item
  • fixed an issue where service hours would show 11pm instead of 12am when the latter was entered as the closing time
  • adjusted service hours to no longer allow 12am as the closing time (midnight is the next day and service hours that span multiple days must use day-specific entries)
  • removed the 5-column option from the project content type, as it is only supposed to be available in site footers
  • added the two "inverted L" options to the contacts content type, matching all other "page-generating" content types
  • made expand/collapse block editing work when the referenced content was deleted
  • created an admin-only option to allow disabling the "on this site" search option for sites where it does not make sense to have it
  • ensured page display options are preserved when the layout builder page is saved
  • renamed references to Twitter and updated the icon
  • ensured all items in blocks that support rearranging can be rearranged, regardless of quantity
  • updated code for compatibility with PHP 8.1
  • updated and added to automated tests
  • updated multiple contrib modules
  • removed multiple contrib modules no longer in use
  • updated to the latest Drupal 9.5.x release

Theming changes

  • made section background images center-aligned
  • improved text wrapping on headers

Migration fixes

  • ensured webform conditionals migrate as properly as possible
  • made links to pages with expand/collapse content properly link to the page
  • ensured migrated redirects go to/from the expected content when a taxonomy term is referenced