This documentation provides information about how to use the WCMS 3 as a site maintainer. This information will continue to be updated.

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New to WCMS 3


    monitor with web pageCreate content

    Content types

    Block types: Content

    Block types: External embeds

    Block types: Listings

    Block types: Teasers


    websiteConfigure content


    websiteManage content


    monitor with graphSite management tools

    bar graphWeb forms

    Permission to create and edit forms is restricted to the form editor role. In WCMS 3, site owners can now add and remove the form editor role from a user's profile.
    The form results access role must be applied to a user's profile to view/download form results. The Site roles and permissions page has more information.

    Note: Due to privacy/security considerations with web forms it is recommended that form editors complete WCMS Web Forms Creation training.

    Web form resources

    • Conditional rules
    • Create fillable PDF forms - coming soon
      • Create a download PDF link on the confirmation page
      • Create a serial number PDF
    • Validation rules - coming soon
    • Web form submission access - coming soon
    • Passcode-protected web form - coming soon

    Best practices and accessibility