1. Mar. 16, 2018Leaping through Lily Pads; Launching for SuccessKaylen

    As a child, I’d go on canoe adventures with my dad. He would take me to the reeds where we’d admire the stillness of the water. He’d pick me a buttercup flower while we’d enjoy the beauty of lily pads, watch for frogs, and look for ripples when they’d leap from one lily pad to another. This imagery is something I hold dear and captures my unique UWaterloo “lifer” academic adventure.

  2. Mar. 9, 2018My Tip of the Cap to UWaterlooArda Ocal

    Whenever someone asks me how I got my start in media - whether it's an interview, podcast, blog, classroom talk or just someone curious and looking for advice - I always use the same joke.

  3. Mar. 2, 2018Taking Pride in Your RootsPride Festival in Myanmar

    In January 2018, Myanmar held its first-ever public LGBTQ festival.

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