1. Oct. 13, 2017Dropping off our son, 31 years after meeting at WaterlooCarl and Jennifer dropping their son off at the University of Waterloo

    It is coming up on 31 years since Jennifer (BASc '91) and I met at the University of Waterloo. I was in second year Systems Design Engineering and Jennifer was one of two women starting in her Mechanical Engineering class. I’m so happy that we met.

  2. Oct. 6, 2017My Waterloo StoryProfile of John Baker

    Most of the time, real life is not like the movies. In the movies, there's always some magical moment where the hero discovers his or her true purpose, or a moment of epiphany and clarity when someone decides what their path will be.

  3. Sep. 28, 2017My Circuitous Path to Renison...and the Journey BeyondMarilyn Coffman

    When I was four years old I knew I wanted to be a nurse – not just any nurse, but a pediatric nurse who would train at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. I had spent time there as a patient so my passion for nursing became part of my DNA!

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