1. Dec. 15, 2017Pursuing a Greener Career Mary Jan recieving an award for making the community greener

    I remember the exact moment I decided to leave the television industry, take the summer off, and go back to school to learn about the environment. It was 1998, and I’d been mulling it over for months, taking courses by correspondence or after work as an introduction to environmental studies.

  2. Dec. 8, 2017My dreams realizedEmily Oriold headshot

    The year was 1997. I sat in the Blyth Festival theatre in anticipation of seeing my very first production of a Norm Foster play, The Melville Boys. I was in my last year of high school preparing to attend the University of Waterloo Dramatic Arts program that coming fall.

  3. Dec. 1, 2017A Thank You Note to the University of WaterlooPete Quevillon on Breakfast Television

    Upon graduation from UWaterloo in 1977 with an Honours BSc in Co-operative Kinesiology, I had no idea of the incredible work experiences that awaited me over the next 40 years…wait…what!? 40 years…how did that happen? In the blink of an eye I’ve gone from starry eyed graduate to wizened workplace veteran, all the while owing a debt of gratitude to my time at Waterloo.

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