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  1. Jan. 4, 2019Writing My MotherBird-Bent Grass by Kathleen Venema

    Five years before I arrived at the University of Waterloo to begin my MA in Language and Professional Writing (as it was then called), I moved to Ndejje, a small town in south-central Uganda that I would call home for the next three years. I was 25 years old, had taught junior high school in northern Manitoba for the previous three years, and was now a volunteer with the Mennonite Central Committee. My official assignment was to teach science and mathematics to young adults at a nationally acclaimed teacher-training college that had been devastated in the recently-ended civil war.

  2. Dec. 14, 2018It’s a big oceanLinda Kenyon in the rigging

    There are few truly wild places left in the world. The middle of the North Atlantic is one of them. It’s not a place I ever expected to be.

  3. Nov. 30, 2018Finding Your Professional ValuesChirag with friends

    What do you want to be when you grow up? From a young age, we are asked to think about our career. Do you want to be a doctor? A lawyer? A teacher?

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