1. Aug. 18, 2017Leadership and the Canada We Will BuildSharing our study tour experience with the Governor General and other conference delegates

  2. Aug. 11, 2017The best $100,000 investment of my lifeBo outside with his hands up

    “Is a degree from the University of Waterloo worth paying $100,000 in tuition fees and living expenses?”

  3. Aug. 4, 2017As UWaterloo celebrates its 60th Anniversary, our UWaterloo Family Celebrates its 50thKelly's UWaterloo Family

    In 1967, the pizza to order in residence was the “seafood special.” Being covered in anchovies, it guaranteed that no one would want to share or nab your pizza.  This particular pizza was the favourite of six Civil Engineering students that would continue to share meals together for many years to come.

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