1. Apr. 21, 2017Optimizing my career and travelling while doing itBrian enjoying his travels

    What if there were only a set number of experiences we could learn from in order to find a career and life with sustained happiness?

  2. Apr. 13, 2017Choices John Johnston Profile

    In 1966, I was a graduating high school student, and like others, was applying for university.  I accepted an offer from the University of Waterloo, not knowing very much about UWaterloo, but because it was the farthest from home (and my parents were unlikely to make drop-in weekend visits) and my good high-school friend would be attending WLU (Waterloo Lutheran University, at that time). Sound teenage logic.

  3. Apr. 7, 2017Creating MOMENTS OF CLARITY Moments of Clarity - Film Cover

    I have to be honest, I came to Waterloo reluctantly. I thought I should be on the stage in New York where I belong, not at university getting an Honours BA. But the knowledge and experiences - triumphs and tribulations I went through - prepared me for a lot of the realities of the business.

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