Understanding humanity in context

From prehistoric humanity all the way to contemporary cultural diversity, anthropologists engage with a wide range of issues and phenomena that affect individual and public life.

Waterloo's Anthropology research and teaching expertise covers three major sub-fields of the discipline: socio-cultural anthropology, archaeological anthropology, and biological (physical) anthropology.

Spring 2017 Special Topics course

ANTH 400 Anthropology of Education

Instructor: Dr. Adrienne Lo

This class looks at different anthropological and sociological approaches to the study of education.  We read work from a variety of approaches to education, from fine grained ethnographic analyses of classroom discourse to broadly based theories of class, the state, and education.  Through reading both classic work in this field and contemporary research, you will become acquainted with important anthropological theory on social reproduction, neoliberalism, citizenship, power, and governmentality.

  1. Dec. 20, 2016SSHRC grants Insight award to UWaterloo Anthropology alumnus, Dr. James WaldramJames Waldram

  2. Nov. 8, 20167,000 Year old pollution hints at ancient innovation (Russell Adams featured)Tell Wadi Faynan, Jordan

    Dr. Russell Adams and his colleagues in the Barqa Landscape Project may have discovered the world's first polluted river, dating to approximately 7,000 years ago in Tell Wadi Fanan, Jordan. 

    Read about Dr. Adams' exciting research on the Faculty of Arts web page

  3. Sep. 27, 2016Robert Park quoted in Maclean'sRobert Park

    Check out the September 14th article in Maclean's, HMS Terror: How the final Franklin ship was found for a quote by our very own Robert Park! 

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