David Lubell

Adjunct Professor
David Lubell

Email: dlubell@uwaterloo.ca


David Lubell, Adjunct Professor, as well as Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta, is an archaeologist whose research focuses on human-environmental relationships and the interdisciplinary analysis of palaeoecological, palaeoeconomic and bioarchaeological data. He is primarily interested in the late Pleistocene-early Holocene prehistory of the western Mediterranean, especially southern Europe and the Maghreb, and on palaeoeconomies in which land snails were an important food resource.  He also specializes in lithic analysis.


  • BA, Columbia University (Anthropology), 1964.
  • PhD, Columbia University (Anthropology: Prehistoric Archaeology), 1971.  Thesis: The Fakhurian: A Late Paleolithic Industry from Upper Egypt.Contact Information

Recent and forthcoming publications


2016 - D. Lubell, editor and assembler, with contributions by P.J. Sheppard, M.K. Jackes, S. Mulazzani, J.-P Brugal, G. Petrullo, D. Reese, N. Rahmani, A.C. D’Andrea, S.E. Oas and C.T. Shay, B. Gassin and J. Gibaja. Holocene Prehistory in the Télidjène Basin, Eastern Algeria: Capsian occupations at Kef Zoura D and Aïn Misteheyia.  Archaeopress, Oxford.

Edited Journals

2014-ongoing. Co-Editor: Mesolithic Miscellany

2014 – D. Lubell (ed.).  Northwest African prehistory: Recent work, new results and interpretations. Quaternary International 320.

2011 - D. Lubell & N. Barton (eds.). Gastropods and Humans in the Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of the Western Mediterranean Basin.  Quaternary International 244 (1).

2008 - N. Barton, A. Bouzouggar & D. Lubell (eds.).  Modern Human Dispersals, Environments and Cultural Change in the Late Pleistocene of Northwest Africa.  African Archaeological Review 25(1-2).

Refereed Journal Articles

2015 - Jackes, M., Lubell, D. and Crann, C. Dating and redating Capsian skeletons 3A-4 and 3A-7, Aïn Berriche (Algeria). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 4: 78-85.

2014 – M.K. Jackes, D. Lubell, M.J. Cunha. Redating a Mesolithic skeleton from Cabeço da Arruda, Muge, Portugal. Mesolithic Miscellany, 22 (2): 40-44.

2014 – L. Aoudia, F. Bocquentin, D. Lubell, M. Jackes. Dislocated anatomical blocks: a complex funerary treatment from Capsian context. Anthropologie (Brno), LII/3: 319-328.

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2014 – D. Lubell with a contribution by Meredith Faber. The 8200 cal BP event and the Capsian.  In, de Trafford, A., Tassie, G.J., van Wetering, J. and El Daly, O. (eds.), A River Runs Through it: Essays in honour of Professor Fekri A. Hassan. Cairo: Annales du Service des Antiquités de L’Egypte. In press.

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