Conference presentations

  • 2009: Rebecca M. Pollock – Lessons for the Future: Experience from the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and a Vision for a Community-Based Research Institute – Sources of Knowledge Forum: Sharing Perspectives on the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Northern Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory
  • 2007: Sharmalene Mendis Millard – The Role of Canadian Biosphere Reserves in Fostering Adaptive Capacity: Fieldwork Experiences – Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting
  • 2007: Rebecca M. Pollock – Collaboration and Integration Experiences from Canada Thematic issue 1: Biosphere Reserves as Learning Sites for Sustainable Development- UNESCO European Man and the Biosphere (EuroMAB) meeting
  • 2006: Sarah Edge & Susan Wismer – Challenges and Opportunities for Local Governance in Advancing Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystem Health: Lessons Learned from the Long Point Biosphere Reserve – Leading Edge Conference
  • 2006: Rebecca M. Pollock – Landscape Governance for Stewardship and Sustainability: Reflections for the Nature Conservancy of Canada – Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • 2006: Rebecca M. Pollock – The Georgian Bay Littoral Biosphere Reserve: A Model for Landscape Governance – State of Lake Huron Conference
  • 2006: Maureen Reed – Setting the Terms for the Creation of Canadian Biosphere Reserves: From Science Driven to Citizen Driven – Leading Edge Conference
  • 2004: George Francis, Graham Whitelaw & Anne Marie Laurence – New Stewardship and Conservation Opportunities from a Biosphere Reserve Perspective – Leading Edge Conference