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The School of Architecture at Waterloo is a leader in design education and research. It offers a fully cooperative professional program, and has been rated the greenest architecture curriculum in Canada. It is also the only Canadian school of architecture to have a permanent international facility, which has operated since 1979 in Rome, Italy. The school attracts top students from across Canada and around the world.

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  1. Feb. 10, 2020Philip Beesley featured in CLOT magazine
    Epiphyte Chamber, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2013

    From the Buddhist concept of completeness in Nirvana to James Hilton’s Shangri La, a utopian place of perfection, to the biblical depiction of heaven, to Dante’s aethereal and so on, man has always strived to find the sublime beauty. 

    Philip Beesley describes himself as a sculptor who is dedicated to building prototypes for the future. But I would say he is one of the last dreamers and a maker of sublime worlds – worlds that are right here, on earth, accessible to anyone.  

  2. Feb. 5, 2020Elizabeth English speaks at TEDx Manhattan Beach

    Architect and engineer Dr. Elizabeth English shows how amphibious designs can allow communities to maintain their vibrancy, even in flood zones. Dr. Elizabeth C. English is a pioneer in the emerging field of amphibious architecture. Her current research focuses on developing amphibious foundation systems as a flood risk reduction and climate change adaptation strategy.

  3. Jan. 29, 202055,000 students have visited Professor van Pelt's travelling exhibition "Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away."

    Waterloo Architecture's Robert Jan van Pelt's popular Auschwitz exhibition is featured in CNN travel.

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  1. Feb. 27, 2020Arriscraft Lecture: Gediminas & Nomeda Urbonas
    arriscraft image

  2. Jan. 11 to Mar. 22, 2020Material Syntax: 3D Printed Masonry Façade Systems
    Material Syntax promotional image

    Material Syntax: 3D Printed Masonry Façade Systems

  3. Feb. 21 to Mar. 1, 2020Call for Papers
    Call for Papers Banner

    The theme of the inaugural Canadian Design Workshop is  Designing Engineering Design Education in Canada. Participation by attendees will be in the form of podium or poster sessions, grouped by theme. Two-page abstracts are due March 1, 2020.

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