Design at Riverside

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Design at Riverside, is located on the campus of University of Waterloo School of Architecture in the historic former Riverside Silk Mill. Situated along the banks of the Grand River in Cambridge, the gallery showcases the work of students in the graduate and undergraduate programs.

The Shared Spaces
ARC 393 Studio Final Projects Show

December 14 - 18, 2022
Design at Riverside, Main Gallery

The goal of this mixed-media studio is to explore a methodological framework for creative processes at the intersection of art and architecture through research discussion, experimentation, and project development in response to our complex and shared social realities Students "distill methodologies" from the work of selected representative contemporary artists, and conduct research on pressing topics such as migration experience, environmental injustice, and social isolation in the pandemic, all of which are linked to local and universal contemporary conditions. The methodological and topical research contributes to the major component: the individual projects that combine a variety of media chosen from video, image, installation, sound, and performance.

Projects Review 2022

November 1 - December 2, 2022
Design at Riverside, Main Gallery
Online exhibition

Projects Review is an annual exhibition of undergraduate and graduate projects from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. The exhibition celebrates student works that critically engage a wide variety of architectural discourses. The projects on display were produced between May 2021 and April 2022.

Undergraduate studios take on contemporary issues facing the practice of architecture, from post-pandemic music venues to urban growth strategies for sustainable communities. Electives and core coursework engage new design methodologies, such as utilizing computational workflows or living organisms to redefine landscapes. Graduate projects are defined by self-directed theses that explore pertinent territories of architecture in the 21st century. 

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Cornerstone Architecture Incorporated and SvN Architects + Planners.

Faculty Support 
Maya Przybylski
David Correa

James Clarke-Hicks


June 20 - July 22, 2022
Design at Riverside, Main Gallery

This exhibition shows the work of Alexander Gontarz, Jessica Hanzelkova, Nathanael Scheffler and Ye Sul E. Cho.

Prototypica_ is a four-person group proposal focused on the themes of digital fabrication, collective making, process-based prototyping, and tactile interaction. The exhibit will centre on a series of physical prototypes pulled from each thesis, with supporting material in the form of drawings, displayed artifacts, interactive activities, and short videos.

The exhibit offers a reflection on prototyping as a means to test, prove, and explore ideas (those three things but not in any particular order). It is a marked alternative to the common mode of working with prototypes, which typically uses them to craft a singular object or refine a production process. Their prototypes are instead a glimpse into several simultaneous thoughts, each one building on the curiosities of the other.

They imagine futures of connection. Human to machine, human to human, and human to material synergies that feed communality, agency based in making, open-source knowledge, and inclusionary design. Unmaking. Redoing. Unlearning. Reimagining. Repairing. Remixing. In times like these, what better way to spend an afternoon? They’ve missed building things together.