Undergraduates sweep CASA awards

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Each year CASA-ACEA put out a call for submissions from architecture students across Canada. Student work is displayed and shared in as part of a Nation Student Work Showcase. Check out our most recent call for submissions.

Several Waterloo Architecture undergraduate projects were recognized at this year's showcase.

Nicole Cao: Solar Steps - 3rd/4th year
Derek Shin: Infill Village - 1st/2nd year

Michael salib: Bloom - 1st/2nd year
Lana Dang Brooke Kelleher: Counter Balance - 1st/2nd year

Tuan Pham: Fine Line - 3rd/4th year
Ze Yao Zhao + Simon Peiris: Il Fiume Tevere Nel Tempo - 3rd/4th year
Chun Xie Wang: Weave - 1st/2nd year
Jessica Wang:Cloud Nine - 1st/2nd year