The founding Advisory Board was established in March 2014. Advisory board members hold a leadership position in their organization and can provide knowledge, recommendations, objective advice and guidance from other academic institutions, industry and government in areas that are relevant to CBB and its members.

Members provide an ongoing exchange of information between industry and CBB, help promote CBB and communicate the Centre's activities to industry, government, the research community, the university and the public. 

Members are nominated by the Operations Committee and are selected by the Centre Director.  Members serve for an initial three year term that may be renewed.

Meetings are held 1-2 times annually and are open to the Director and Associate Directors of CBB, CBB Operations Committee and staff.

[Terms of Reference]

B.DunckerBernard Duncker

Associate Vice-President,
Interdisciplinary Research, 
University of Waterloo    


Jason DowdJason Dowd
​March 2014-April 2019, renewed 2017
Director Product Development, Biopharmaceuticals,
Olaf FelskeOlaf Felske
April 2018-April 2021
Sr. Director of Finance & Operations, CFO, 
Medtronic Canada
Fiona FitzgeraldFiona Fitzgerald
March 2014-April 2019, renewed 2017 
National Zone Leader, Life Science
GE Healthcare Canada   
Gail GarlandGail Garland
April 2017-2020
President and CEO,
Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization OBIO)   
Gary HiggsGary Higgs
​March 2014-April 2019, renewed 2017
VP and Chief Information Officer,
St. Mary's Hospital
Ronald LiRonald Li
April 2018-2021
Scientific Co-Founder and CEO,
Novoheart Limited
Ming-Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine, Karolinksa Institute, Hong Kong, Sweden
Tina MahTina Mah
April 2018-2021
Vice President Research and Innovation,
Grand River Hospital
B.PaldusBarbara Paldus
​April 2017-2020
CEO and Co-Founder,
Finesse Solutions