Emmanuel Ho
519-888-4567 x21372
PHR 4002

Research interests:

  • Imaging, treatment, and prevention of diseases
  • Fabrication and characterization of innovative biomaterials for drug delivery systems (nanoparticles, medical devices, biodegradable films, hydrogels, etc.)
  • Vaccine development for protection against HIV and other diseases

Google Scholar

[Waterloo News] February 6, 2019 "Researchers find new treatment for Chlamydia"

[Waterloo News] April 16, 2018 "Developing new way to fight transmission of HIV"

Application Areas→Cancer, Disease Modelling, Infectious Diseases, Inflammatory Diseases, Pathogen Detection, Personalized Medicine, Targeted Drug Delivery, Wound Care; Technology Areas→3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing, Biomaterials, Disease Modelling, Gene Therapy, Medical Devices, Microfabrication, Polymer, Surface Coating, Vaccines; Discipline Areas→Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Bionanotechnology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Polymer Chemistry; Faculty→Science

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