Kelly Grindrod
519-888-4567 x21358
PHR 4014

Research Interests:

  • Mobile health technologies and social media in medication management

  • Clinical and post-marketing phases of medication use

  • Improve medication use and primary care via emerging technologies (mobile apps, social media)

  • Pharmacy remuneration models and chronic disease management services in the community pharmacy setting

  • Usability of mobile health applications and wearable activity trackers for older adults living with chronic disease.



​[Daily Bulletin] June 1, 2018, 11 CBB Members Named Outstanding Performance Award Winners

​[Waterloo Stories] November 16, 2016 "The opioid crisis: How pharmacists can help save lives"

Application Areas→Disease Modelling, Healthcare Systems, Personalized Medicine, Wearable Devices; Technology Areas→Disease Modelling; Discipline Areas→Pharmacology; Faculty→Science

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