Behrad Khamesee
519-888-4567 x35095
E3 3148

Research Interests:

  • Smart structures, actuators, biomechanics, assistive devices, human-robot interaction, wearable sensors (fitness, monitoring, fall prevention, Alzheimer's)
  • Ophthalmic instrumentation, senors, technologies and hardware design (MRI, CT, ultrasound)
  • Micro-energy harvester through human locomotion
  • Magnetically driven medical microrobots for drug delivery and microsurgery
  • Regenerative prosthetic knee, and cost-effective prosthetic leg (structural design, sensory system, and controller)
  • Micromanipulation using magnetic levitation
  • Auto-focusing mechanism for microscopy using electrorestrictive
  • ​Clean room applications 

Google Scholar

[Waterloo Stories] August 28, 2018 "New sensor could help doctors monitor patient progress from a distance"

[Waterloo Stories] March 2, 2014 "Charge your phone while you shovel - and shiver"

Application Areas→Rehabilitation, Targeted Drug Delivery, Wearable Devices; Technology Areas→Actuators, Medical Devices, Robotics, Sensors; Discipline Areas→Biomechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering; Faculty→Engineering

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