Welcome to Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory

Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory studies the design and development of magnetically levitated (Maglev) robots. To accomplish this, a magnetic levitation setup enabling high precision 3D remote positioning was built.

Our Maglev systems find applications in areas spanning various disciplines such as:

  •  Contactless micromanipulation and microrobotics
  •  Manipulation in hazardous environment
  •  Clean rooms applications
  •  Wind tunnel testing
  •  Wafer growth and wafer transportation

We are working on the development and industrialization of various applications of magnetism such as electromagnetic energy harvesters and non-destructive testing for detecting cracks and defects in live pipelines.

Dr. Khamesee is a Co-PI in the development of Robohub in E7 building. A Magnetic Levitation Floor is currently under construction in Robohub!



PhD positions open for Canadian and PR applicants

Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory Director


Behrad Khamesee, PhD, PEng


Lab Location: E5-3044

Engineering 5 building, 3rd Floor

What makes it different is that it’s a single unit unlike other multi units that have been developed.

Professor Khamesee