Mechanical Engineering ME481 projects

Supervisor: Khamesee Behrad

Project title: Design of a medical wireless capsule endoscope

Project description: A wireless endoscope is a pill-sized device that a patient swallows it and the device moves through gastrointestinal. It should be equipped with the camera and grippers. The students are responsible to design the Capsule endoscope with focusing on video capturing, wireless transmitter, and design of a micro-gripper for the capsule. 

Number of students: 2

Supervisor: Khamesee Behrad 

Project title: Design of a floating microrobot

Project description: A floating microrobot is needed to be designed for a magnetic levitation setup. Design of the microrobot is considered with 1) actuation mechanism for levitation, 2) gripper mechanism to hold/release objects, 3) lightness (under 7g), and 4) wireless operation. 

Number of students: 1-2

Supervisor: Khamesee Behrad 

Project title: Generating of electricity through heel strikes

Project description: Small amount of electricity can be generated through heel strikes. This electricity can be used if accumulated. Student(s) will work on development of this mechanism. More information is available by arranging a meeting.

Number of students: 1-2

Supervisor: Khamesee Behrad and Melek W.

Project title: Prosthetic leg project

Project description: The available prosthetic leg design can not perform the exact characteristics of a normal human leg. This project involves a new design for the Prosthetic leg which is aimed to be cost-effective and simple to mount. The project was initiated in previous Mechanical Engineering (ME) 481. At least three students are required to work individually but in cooperative fashion on: A) development of mechanical system and actuators; B) Sensor system and data accusation from muscles; C) Control system and microcontroller.

Number of students: 3-4