About Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory

Our goals at Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory

Manipulation in hazardous environments

 Toxic hazard" with skull and crossed bonesTeleoperation of magnetically levitated robotic systems are widely used in operations in hazardous environments. In this way, secure operation and safe handling of materials can be achieved in nuclear reactors and biohazard laboratories.

Clean rooms applications

The lab environment is depictedMagnetic levitation is also appropriate for stepper stages in photolithography. The magnetically levitated stages can be positioned with nanoprecision and allow roll, pitch and yaw motions. Since energy is provided outside, thermal extension problems are overcome.

Wind tunnel testing

Airplane in the sky

Since magnetic levitation enables contactless manipulation of objects, it is favorable for wind tunnel testing. Magnetic levitation is extensively used by top aircraft and missile companies to test aerodynamics of their designs.

Wafer growth and wafer transportation

Multicoloured waferHigh precision magnetic levitation systems are ideal for wafer growth from silicon melt because magnetic levitation is a dust free operation. In recent years, maglev transportation systems are realized utilizing silicon wafer transport with no risk of contamination.



Attention industry!

We have equipment to automatically measure magnetic field in a 3D space and plot it. We can also obtain magnetic force analytically/FEM, and verify it experimentally for many cases. Please contact us for further information.

A 3D plot of magnetic field

Magnetic field graph

Examples: 3D measurement of magnetic fields produced by various shape/size permanent magnets and electromagnets, field measurement of electromagnetic clutch.