Karim Karim
519-888-4567 x48336, 519-888-4567 x38336
E7 1326A, E3 3143

Research Interests:

  • Low-dose, low-cost x-ray imaging system (e.g. tuberculosis screening)

  • Circuit technology, Photon counting circuits for biomedical imaging

  • Large area digital medical imaging

  • Silicon Thin-film Applied Research

  • Device physics

  • Amorphous semiconductors and semiconductor devices



Google Scholar

[Engineering News] November 12, 2018 "New X-ray technology to be tested on cancer patients"

[YouTube Lecture] September 30, 2014 "Bending the cost curve: Building a $1000 diagnostic X-ray imager for scalable and sustainable healthcare"

[Office of Research] "Paving the way for a digital X-ray and health-care revolution"

Application Areas→Cancer, Cardiovascular, Infectious Diseases, Wearable Devices; Technology Areas→Diagnostics, Imaging, Medical Devices, Microfabrication, Sensors; Discipline Areas→Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Faculty→Engineering

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