CBB Workshop: How to Start a Spinoff Company: Some Key Steps and Who Can Help

Friday, December 11, 2015 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

A series of presentations followed by selected research groups pitching their ideas for commercialization to a panel of expert investors.  Registration is required for audience members and research groups who wish to give a pitch. [Poster]

Our thanks to Benton Leong who inspired the idea and organized the presenters and panel for this workshop.

1:00 pm - Guest Presentations:

"Commercializing UW Research: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Lessons Learned from Maplesoft"

"From the Lab to the Field: How Commercialization is All About Scaling"
  • Tim Leshuk, PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, NSERC Vanier Doctoral Scholar, and co-founder of H2nanO

Photo credit: Light Imaging

"The New Breed of Academic Entrepreneurs: Starting a Bio-engineering Business even before Graduating"


"Funding for Commercialization of UW Research"



2:00 pm - Make Your Pitch:

[Pitch Guidelines Document]

Six research groups / ventures pitch their research projects or ideas for commercialization. Submit your 1 page summary for review for an opportunity to pitch your research/venture project or other ideas for commercialization to kbednarowski@uwaterloo.ca by November 30. 

Invited Panel Members:


Murray Gamble, President of The C3 Group (Civil Engineers), Board Member of GTAN, Board of Trustees, University of Waterloo

Ken Schultz, Business Development Manager at Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
Dan Mathers, Investment Director, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF),  MaRS Discovery District
Marc Gibson, Advisor, Life Science, UW Velocity

Registration is required for this FREE event via EventBrite or email Krystina Bednarowski as seating is limited.

Pay parking available in lots N or Q (map).

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