Easy Desk Stretches for Working From Home

Working and studying from home can be really hard on your body and mind, so it is important to try and move around a bit each day. Walking around your work space while on the phone or standing while eating a snack are easy ways to become a little less sedentary. As well, stretching a little bit each day can help you avoid things like "tech neck" and back pain. Here are some easy stretches you can do from your desk!

1. Tricep stretch

tricep stretch gif

2. Neck stretch

neck stretch gif

3. Upper body and arm stretch

upper body and arm stretch gif

4. Shoulder stretch

shoulder and pec stretch gif

5. Trunk rotation stretch

trunk rotation stretch gif

6. Hip and knee flexion stretch

hip and knee flexion stretch gif

7. Hamstring stretch

hamstring stretch gif

8. Shoulder shrug stretch

shoulder shrug stretch gif