Health Promotion

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We inform, engage, support, and connect members of the University of Waterloo community to build capacity for health promotion and wellness.

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Our work and projects

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Wellness Collaborative

Health Promotion leads and organizes the work on the University of Waterloo Wellness Collaborative, which is committed to the continual improvement upon health and wellness at the University of Waterloo. For more information, visit the Wellness Collaborative website.


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Peer Health Education

Peer Health Education is a program that promotes positive health behaviours and lifestyle choices to support physical and mental wellness and academic success. Volunteer Peer Health Educators work together to plan and implement health campaigns to promote on- and off-campus resources to students. For more information, visit the Peer Health Education webpage.


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Health Promotion leads and coordinates the Thrive events throughout the academic year. Thrive is a series of events focused on building positive mental health for University of Waterloo students, faculty, and staff. For more information, visit the Thrive website.


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Collaboration and Consultation

Health Promotion team members lead and participate in projects in Health Evaluation and Research; as well as providing consultation on a variety of cross campus committees. Find more information, on our Collaboration and Consultation webpage.


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‘TBH: To Be Honest’

The newly developed ‘TBH: To Be Honest’ student orientation play follows students though a ‘year at a glance’ and includes issues such as homesickness, consent, academic integrity, imposter syndrome, and features many supports for students. ‘TBH: To Be Honest’ is an uplifting and welcoming experience for students, and has a strong theme to build connections and develop resiliency while attending university. 

For more information, visit the TBH:To Be Honest webpage.


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Health and Wellness Communications

Our Communications team creates health and wellness communications content for a variety of venues, including but not limited to: