Peer Health Education is a program that promotes positive health behaviours and lifestyle choices to support physical and mental wellness and academic success. 

Volunteer Peer Health Educators work together to plan and implement health campaigns to promote on- and off-campus resources to students. Follow us @UWHealthyU for health and wellness tips and campus events.

The teams

Mental Health Team

The Mental Health Team promotes positive mental health and wellbeing for all students, while standing up to the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Physical Health Team

The Physical Health Team promotes student wellness by encouraging healthy eating, sleep, and active lifestyles.

Sexual Health Team

The Sexual Health Team provides information about sexual health and promotes safer sex, healthy relationships, and consent.

Substance Use Team

The Substance Use Team provides information about alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other recreational drugs and promotes safer partying.

Let’s work together to build a HealthyU!

If you are running an event on campus related to health and wellness, Peer Health Education wants to collaborate! Peer Health Educators can provide resources and educational games to accompany your event. Email the Peer Health Education Coordinator with your event details

Join the team!

If you are interested in applying to be a Peer Health Educator, please complete our application