Women in Computer Science

A WiCS circle is a peer-mentoring community where members form lasting relationships, share their personal triumphs and challenges, and offer advice and support to one another. Each circle typically consists of eight to twelve members of varying ages, backgrounds, stages of career, and interests.

WiCS Circles are a form of Lean In Circles special to University of Waterloo WiCS. WiCS Circles meet approximately twice a term, having themed meetings that align with the current news around the world, or showcase movies or TV that offer rich discussion into the role of women in technology. Past WiCS Circles meetings have focused on discussing optimal assignment completion techniques, and the role of women in the critically acclaimed movie Hidden Figures.

Who can use this service:

  • Current students
    • Current undergraduate students
    • Current graduate students

How to request this service:

Visit the Women in CS website for more information.