Depending on your insurance coverage, some services might not be covered under your plan. The following table lists the fees* for commonly requested services that often fall outside coverage plans. 

Uninsured services with a fee

Uninsured service Fee
Uninsured appointment fees

Short appointment- $40.00

Intermediate Appointment -$60.00

Long Appointment- $80.00

Psychiatrist $100.00-$450.00

Missed appointment Short appointments: $30.00
Intermediate appointments: $50.00
Long appointments: $70.00
Counselling appointments: $35.00
Psychiatrist appointments: $100.00 - $450.00
Prescription renewal (without appointment) $22.00
Transfer of medical records

$30.00 plus expenses (plus $0.25 per record after 20 records)

Travel advice (not including immunizations) for students and dependents Individual: $60.00 - $100.00 – to be determined at time of appointment
Couple: $90.00 - $150.00 – to be determined at time of appointment
Family: $50.00/person - family of 3 or more
Travel cancellation form $75.00
Removal of skin lesions or uninsured warts (not medically necessary) Minimum of $35.00 per treatment
Mantoux Skin Test (TB)
Note: The MOHLTC will cover the cost of TB skin testing when this is
required for educational purposes (UW Optometry & Pharmacy,
McMaster Medical students). Students are required to pay when needed for volunteering or employment.
First test: $35.00
Second test: $15.00
Accessibility forms (Increase cost dependent on length and complexity of form) Minimum of $60.00 - $125.00
(ADHD, Brain Injury or MH – No
Attending Physicians Statement $175.00
Certificate of Health No exam required, minimum $30.00
Exam required, minimum $80.00
Disability Tax Credit form $60.00 - $100.00
Federal Tax Credit form Minimum $35.00
Functional Limitation form Minimum $60.00
Housing Disability Verification form Minimum $60.00
Graduate & undergraduate student medical leave form Minimim $30.00
Ministry of Transport physical exam and completion of form Minimum $150.00
Miscellaneous Documents $30.00 - $150.00
OSAP Forms Minimum $60.00
Petition letters Minimum $35.00
Pre-employment physical and form completion (paid for by third-
Minimum of $100.00 – paid by the patient
Minimum of $160.00 – paid by third-party
Reduced Course Load Verification form $30.00
Service Animal Disability Verification form Minimum $60.00
Varsity Sports Physical $105.00
Verification of illness form $20.00
*Fee Schedule is consistent with OMA guidelines and
prices are subject to change

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