Exploring Diverse Careers in Academia

An Experiential Job Shadow Program

Are you pursuing a PhD and wondering what comes next? There are many meaningful roles on campus for you to explore, and the Centre for Career Action has partnered with university staff to create a structured job shadow program for PhD students.

About the Job Shadow Program

The program is designed to link PhD students with staff on campus who hold advanced degrees in order learn more about the variety of careers in academe. Through first-hand learning, participants will:

  • Discover what different roles on campus entail
  • Learn how individuals in specific campus roles are using their advanced degrees
  • Build  a personal network on campus
  • Identify potential career paths that one might enjoy

Job shadow experiences vary in length and structure, from 1-half day, to 1-full day, to a multi-day experience (for example, two 3-hour time blocks), which will be determined by the job shadow host. All experiences must:

  • Equal a minimum combined total of 4 hours in length (not necessarily consecutive)
  • Provide a tour of department and an informational interview with the job shadow host
  • Provide the student with an opportunity to explore and reflect on a case study related to the department

Application information

Thank you for your interest in the Job Shadow Program. Applications are not being accepted at this time. Please check back for future term dates and offerings.

We look forward to receiving your application in future terms.

View the list of Job Shadow Program Hosts to learn about the shadow opportunities that have previously been offered.