Essential Skills for New and Potential Supervisors

About this course

An organization is only as strong as its first line supervision and management. First line supervisory and management positions have the capability to dynamically leverage peoples’ productivity. This course helps people make the transition from team member to team supervisor/manager and enhances their capability to be successful in that role. The objective of this course is to enable participants to understand the fundamentals of supervising, managing and leading people.

In addition to learning how to influence human performance, participants will use the Everything DiSC Management® Profile to help develop skills and approaches for directing, delegating, making decisions, managing time and solving problems. Additionally, participants will be able to improve how they work with their boss, peers and senior managers. Note: This course requires the completion of an online questionnaire prior to the course. Details and a URL will be emailed to registrants.

May be applied to the Essentials of Supervision Certificate.

Offered to: Public

Cost: 575 + tax

Time requirement: One day