People Skills: The Secret Behind Project Success

About this course

14 PDUs / Contact Hours: 0 Technical | 12 Leadership | 2 Strategy

Project management excellence goes beyond producing project charters, detailed schedules, and colourful status reports. Projects involve people: team members, clients, management, subordinates, peers, account managers, suppliers, contractors, regulators, and numerous other stakeholders. And with people come, differing opinions, personality conflicts, office politics, and sometimes hidden agendas. Your people skills can have a positive impact on a project's success and help to transform road blocks into opportunities.

Interacting effectively with others is at the heart of good project management. Poor communication and relationships can lead to significant issues and detract from your normal workflow. This course focuses on understanding ourselves and learning specific techniques and strategies that enable us to relate to and engage others successfully.

During the course, you will also be able to discuss any issues or challenges you are facing and get input on how to address them. The session will include self-assessments, group exercises, and scenarios or role plays that will enable you to deal with and discuss real life situations.

May be applied toward the Project Management Certificate.

Offered to: Public

Cost: 1295 + tax

Time requirement: Two days