After many months of consultations, information gathering and analysis, the Centre for Career Action (CCA) has rebranded and is now the Centre for Career Development (CCD).

Coming out of the rebrand process is a new look, name, feel, website and re-imagined CareerHub tool. 

The winding, non-linear path of how we got here

In 2022, CCA set out to learn how the unit’s name and brand were (and were not) resonating with the campus community and how best to represent the unit in a manner that invites active engagement.

Following this, the unit went through a highly consultative process that involved 406 individuals including 277 students/alumni and 129 University of Waterloo employees.

During this process, we identified why people do or do not use resources and services, what students and campus stakeholders value, and how the unit’s name and communications about itself could be adapted to support positive change.  

The goals and guiding principles for this process were to: 

  • Reduce barriers experienced by students, post-docs, employees and alumni in accessing services and programs 
  • Identifying best methods and tone to communicate in ways that resonate with campus
  • Inspire and motivate students, employees and alumni on their career journey
  • Emphasize and integrate the developmental approach the unit takes - informed by seeking to be person-centred, well-being focused
  • Be recognizable as a career centre, while also being deeply integrated with Co-op, EDGE and other work-integrated learning programs in undergraduate and graduate spaces 
A map of the new CCD brand images and text

Beyond the name change, clients have identified great interest to see CCD lean into integrating concepts of holistic career support, non-linear possibilities, growth and empowerment throughout its messaging. Personalized supports and career guidance emerged as important to students and alumni as they navigate their careers. 

There are many different paths to the end goal

Below is a timeline of what you can expect to see over the next year.

  1. 2023
    1. Sep
      1. Official rebrand launch

        • Official rebrand launch, with cosmetic changes appearing on the website (e.g., signage and branding on high-traffic web pages) 
        • Our in-house CareerHub site will have limited functionality while content and the site are being updated. Some downloadable content (PDFs) might not be available. Users will not be able to save their work

  2. 2024
    1. Jan
      1. New website launch

        • New CCD website in WCMS 3.0 will be launched 
        • New URL and

    2. May
      1. Official launch of new CareerHub

        • New and improved version of the CareerHub content will be integrated into the CCD website