restrictive markings, no return address, excessive postage, possibly mailed from a foreign country, badly typed or written, addressed to title only or incorrect title, mispelled words, exessive tape or string, rigid or bulky, lopsided or uneven, protruding, strange odor, oily stains, discolorations

Surplus sale dates

To Be Announced

From 12:30 - 2:00pm

We accept only Cash and WatCard for payment.

postage rates

If you receive a suspicious letter or parcel

  1. Immediately advise University of Waterloo Campus Police (x84911) of the situation
  2. Do not handle, shake, smell or taste
  3. Do not attempt to clean up resulting spills, e.g. powder, liquid, etc.
  4. Isolate the article and evacuate the immediate vicinity
  5. Anyone who has handled the article should immediately wash their hands with soap and water
  6. Remove any contaminated clothing and place in plastic bag or sealed container

Campus Police/Local Police will conduct a threat assessment to determine and coordinate the appropriate response.

Note: Anything that was handled through Central Stores has already been inspected by Central Stores staff. When in doubt, contact Joel Norris.

Tips for enhancing mail safety

  • Do not leave mail unattended
  • Secure mail whenever possible
  • Be alert to suspicious activity or persons in the mail area
  • Report suspicious activity to Campus Police (x84911)