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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone become a 2Ship User?

2Ship users are selected through the application process and must be full or part time staff or faculty. This process requires the authorization and signature of the applicant, the reviewer (Administrative Assistant/Financial Advisor) and the associated senior administrator. Faculties and departments are strongly advised to restrict the number of desktop users and channel the process accordingly to better manage expenses.  To become a 2Ship user please click here for the application form.

Is the Description field important?

The description field is very important as the information found in this field will determine how the shipment can be shipped. You must also make sure to add each item as separate line items with proper values and quantities.

Are any of the other fields important?

All the fields are important, and many are mandatory. If you go to create the ship request and any mandatory fields are not filled in, you will receive a message along with that portion being highlighted in red.

What if I want to share my password?

Your password for 2Ship is linked with your WatIAM password. 
Do NOT share your WatIAM password with anyone.  Sharing this
information gives others access to your myHRinfo. data.

What happens when an Office User changes departments or leaves the university?

It is the responsibility of the respective Administrative Assistant or Senior Administrator to notify Central Stores tbeatson@uwaterloo.ca if a 2Ship user changes departments or leaves the University.

Can I search my shipments after they have left the University?

Yes. Once your shipment has left the University you will be able to find out the cost of your shipment, the tracking number, where it went, who sent it out, what carrier it went with, etc.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. Once your shipment has left the University, go to the 2Ship How to view my shipments