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Tutte's Distinguished Lecture Series 

The very successful Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series has now completed. That success has led to a Tutte Distinguished Lecture once per term. The next lecture is:

Sergey Norin - November 2

*Recordings of occurred talks are all available on C&O's YouTube Channel   

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  1. Jan. 16, 2019Sparse structures in graphs and matroids

    Professors Peter Nelson (PI) and Luke Postle (co-PI) have been awarded an International Research Partnership Grant (IPRG) for their project Sparse structures in graphs and matroids.

  2. Jan. 9, 2019Ronald C. Read (1924-2019)

    Former C&O faculty member Ronald (Ron) Read died on January 7, 2019 at the age of 94.

  3. Jan. 1, 2019Jane Gao joins the C&O department

    The C&O department is pleased to welcome our newest faculty member, Jane (Pu) Gao.

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  1. Feb. 26, 2019Reading Group on Entropy and Counting- John Schanck

    Title: Bounding Dedekind numbers with entropy

    Speaker: John Schanck
    Affiliation: University of Waterloo
    Room: MC 6486

    Abstract: The Dedekind numbers (sequence A000372 in the OEIS)

  2. Feb. 27, 2019Graphs and Matroids Seminar- Ahmed Ashraf

    Title: Cyclic flat approach to matroid base polytopes

    Speaker: Ahmed Ashraf
    Affiliation: Western University
    Room: MC 5501

    Abstract: Ardila, Benedetti and Doker realised matroid polytopes as generalized permutohedra, and using the work of Postnikov,

  3. Feb. 28, 2019Special Seminar - Yi-Shuai Niu

    Title: Difference-of-SOS and Difference-of-Convex-SOS Decomposition Techniques for Polynomials

    Speaker: Yi-Shuai Niu

    SJTU-Paristech & Maths department Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Room: MC 5501


    We are interested in polynomial decomposition techniques for reformulating any multivariate polynomial into difference-of-sums-of-squares (DSOS) and difference-of-convex-sums-of-squares (DCSOS) polynomials.

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