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The Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo invites applications for two tenure-track faculty positions at the rank of Assistant Professor.

Spring 2018 Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (URA)Applications for the Spring 2018 program are now closed.

Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series 

University of Waterloo, May 5 - August 18, '17      

*Recordings of occurred talks are all available on C&O's YouTube Channel   

Grad Studies: Fall 2018 applications now open

 New Deadline: February 9, '18

  1. Apr. 23, 2018Ahmad Abdi awarded a 2018 Huawei Prize

  2. Apr. 12, 2018Algebraic Graph theory & Quantum Walks

    Gabriel Coutinho, Chris Godsil and Krystal Guo are organizing a Workshop on Algebraic Graph Theory & Quantum Walks

  3. Apr. 9, 2018Optimization techniques guide surgeons at SickKidsA section of an infant’s skull cut, cut and reshaped into a natural curve

    Waterloo graduate student David Qian, under the guidance of the Faculty of Mathematics’ Ricardo Fukasawa and Jochen Koenemann, introduced optimization techniques based on integer and dynamic programming to surgeons at SickKids hospital. By applying mathematical optimization algorithms, Qian and team advised doctors on the best surgical cut points to minimize the volume-difference between the surgically modified skull, and an ideal skull.

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  1. Apr. 27, 2018Tutte Colloquium - Luc Vinet

    Title: Spins Lattices, Graphs and Quantum State Revivals

    Speaker: Luc Vinet
    Affiliation: Université de Montréal
    Room: MC 5501


    This talk will describe how certain features of quantum transport along spin chains can be enabled.

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