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Chaitanya Swamy

Faculty, Chair
Chaitanya Swamy
519-888-4567 x42600
Location: MC 5106
Link to personal webpage: Chaitanya Swamy

David Jao

Faculty, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
David Jao
519-888-4567 x42493
Location: MC 5032
Link to personal webpage: David Jao

Douglas Stebila

Faculty, Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
Image of Douglas Stebila
519-888-4567 x47211
Location: MC 5132
Link to personal webpage: Douglas Stebila

Carolyn (Carol) Seely-Morrison

Administrative Manager
Carol Seely-Morrison headshot photo
519-888-4567 x45577
Location: MC 5114

Melissa Cambridge

Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Studies
Melisssa Cambridge
519-888-4567 x45027
Location: MC 5116

Genevieve (Gen) Belford

Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies
519-888-4567 x43038
Location: MC 5112

Eva Lee

Assistant to the Chair
519-888-4567 x43482
Location: MC 5104

Christopher Calzonetti

Math Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) Software Specialist, Computing Support
Christopher Calzonetti
Location: MC 5044