C&O graduates in fall 2013 convocation

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Convocation 2013

The following C&O students received their graduate degrees at the fall 2013 convocation. Congratulations to all and best of luck for the future!

Yu Feng (MMath)

A Structural and Efficient Method for Calculating Gradient and Hessian with CVaR Portfolio Optimization Application (PDF)
Supervisor: Tom Coleman

Laura Mancinska (PhD)

Separable State Discrimination Using Local Quantum Operations and Classical Communication
Supervisors: Andrew Childs and Debbie Leung

David Qian (MMath)

Dynamic Programming: Salesman to Surgeon
Supervisor: Ricardo Fukasawa

David Roberson (PhD)

Variations on a Theme: Graph Homomorphisms
Supervisor: Chris Godsil

Sina Sadeghian Sadeghabad (MMath)

Node-Weighted Prize Collecting Steiner Tree and Applications
Supervisors: Jochen Koenemann and Laura Sanita

Cristiane Sato (PhD)

Core Structures in Random Graphs and Hypergraphs
Supervisor: Nick Wormald

Marcel de Carli Silva (PhD)

Geometric Ramifications of the Lovász Theta Function and Their Interplay with Duality
Supervisor: Levent Tunçel