C&O graduates in Spring 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017


The following C&O students will be awarded their graduate degrees at the Spring 2017 convocation on June 16. Congratulations to the students and their supervisors!

Sara Ahmadian (Ph.D.)
Approximation Algorithms for Clustering and Facility Location Problems
Supervisor: Chaitanya Swamy

Julian Romero Barbosa (M.Math.)
Applied Hilbert's Nullstellensatz for Combinatorial Problems
Supervisor: Levent Tuncel

Ted Eaton (M.Math.)
Signature Schemes in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model
Supervisor: Alfred Menezes

Sharat Ibrahimpur (M.Math.)
Packing and Covering Odd (u,v)-trails in a Graph
Supervisor: Chaitanya Swamy

Philip Lafrance (M.Math.)
Digital Signature Schemes Based on Hash Functions
Supervisor: Alfred Menezes

Xingliang Lou (M.Math.)
Efficient Composition of Discrete Time Quantum Walks
Supervisor: Ashwin Nayak

Vishnu Narayan (M.Math.)
Approximating Minimum-Size 2-Edge-Connected and 2-Vertex-Connected
Spanning Subgraph

Supervisor: Joseph Cheriyan

Pavel Shuldiner (M.Math.)
Computing the Residue Class of Partition Numbers
Supervisor: Ian Goulden

Cristos Stratopoulos (M.Math.)
Primal Cutting Plane Methods for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Supervisor: Bill Cook

Matthew Sullivan (M.Math.)
Planar Graphs Without 3-Cycles and With 4-Cycles Far Apart
are 3-Choosable

Supervisor: Matthew Sullivan

William Toth (M.Math.)
Structure in Stable Matching Problems
Supervisor: Jochen Koenemann

Zachary Walsh (M.Math)
On the Density of Binary Matroids Without a Given Minor
Supervisor: Peter Nelson

Shuxin Zhang (M.Math.)
On Polynomial-Time Path-Following Interior-Point Methods with Local
Superlinear Convergence

Supervisor: Levent Tuncel