Premier's Research Excellence Awards (PREA) and Early Research Awards (ERA) winners

The PREA program was introduced in 1998 "to help Ontario's world-class researchers attract talented people to their research teams and to encourage innovation among the province's brightest young researchers at universities, colleges, hospitals and research institutes". In 2006 the program was reintroduced under the new name ERA. It's slated to spend $85 million in provincial funding over ten years, matched by $42.5 million from other sources. To date, 15 faculty members in Combinatorics and Optimization have received awards.

Peter Nelson - 2018

Emergent structure in matroid theory

Luke Postle - 2016Luke Postle

Maximum average degree, chromatic number and the 4-flow conjecture

Eric Katz - 2015Eric Katz

Tropical geometry: structure and degeneration

Laura Sanita - 2015Laura Sanita

New algorithmic approaches for network design problems

Ricardo Fukasawa - 2012Ricardo Fukasawa

Increasing the applicability of mixed-integer programming

Andrew Childs - 2011Andrew Childs

Algorithms for quantum computers

David Jao - 2009David Jao

Mathematical foundations of elliptic curve cryptography

Chaitanya Swamy - 2009Chaitanya Swamy

Design for game-theoretic environments and settings with uncertainty

Jochen Koenemann - 2007Jochen Koenemann

Algorithmic game theory and approximate network design

Ashwin Nayak - 2006Ashwin Nayak

Quantum algorithms and protocols

Edlyn Teske - 2004Edlyn Teske

Number-theoretic security of public-key cryptosystems

Bertrand Guenin - 2003Bertrand Guenin

Jim Geelen - 2000Jim Geelen

Penny Haxell - 2000Penny Haxell

Michele Mosca - 2000Michele Mosca

Levent Tuncel - 1999Levent Tuncel