Technical reports - 1992

The Distribution of Heights of Binary Trees and Other Simple Trees

CORR 1992-26

Philippe Flajolet, Zhicheng Gao, Andrew Odlyzko, and Bruce Richmond

A Computational Study of Graph Partitioning

CORR 1992-25

Julie Falkner, Franz Rendl, and Henry Wolkowicz

Order Series of Labelled Posets

CORR 1992-24

David G. Wagner

The Spectrum of Orthogonal Steiner Triple Systems

CORR 1992-23

Charles J. Colbourn, Peter B. Gibbons, Rudolf Mathon, Ronald C. Mullin, and Alexander Rosa

A Characterization of the Extremal Distributions of Optimal Normal Bases

CORR 1992-22

R.C. Mullin

Block Designs with Large Holes and \(\alpha\) -Resolvable BIBDs

CORR 1992-21

Steven C. Furino and Ronald C. Mullin

On packings of pairs by quintuples: \(v \equiv 3,9 or 17 (mod 20)\)

CORR 1992-20

R.C. Mullin and Y. Jin

On \(\lambda\)-covers of pairs by quintuples: v odd

CORR 1992-19

W.H. Mills* and R.C. Mullin

Near Subgroups of Groups

CORR 1992-18

D.G. Hoffman*, Sylvia Hobart* and Ronald C. Mullin

Hexagon-free subgraphs of hypercubes

CORR 1992-17

Marston Conder

On entropy maximization via convex programming

CORR 1992-16

Jonathan M. Borwein and Mark A. Limber

Dykstra's Alternating Projection Algorithm for Two Sets

CORR 1992-15

H.H. Bauschke and J.M. Borwein

Delta-matroids, Jump Systems and Bisubmodular Polyhedra

CORR 1992-14

Andre Bouchet and William H. Cunningham

Zeros of rank-generating functions of Cohen-Macaulay complexes

CORR 1992-13

David G. Wagner

Multipartition Series

CORR 1992-12

David G. Wagner

Some general problems on the number of parts in partitions

CORR 1992-11

L.B. Richmond

Shift Operators and Factorial Symmetric Functions

CORR 1992-10

I.P. Goulden and A.M. Hamel

A hypergeometric analysis of the genus series for a class of 2-cell embeddings in orientable surfaces

CORR 1992-09

G.E. Andrews, D.M. Jackson, and T.I. Visentin

The convergence of Burg and other entropy estimates

CORR 1992-08

A.S. Lewis

Facial Reduction in Partially Finite Convex Programming

CORR 1992-07

A.S. Lewis

On the Classification of Distance-Regular Graphs by Eigen-value Multiplicity

CORR 1992-06

William J. Martin and Rupert Ruopeng Zhu

Entropy Minimization with Lattice Bounds

CORR 1992-05

J.M. Borwein, A.S. Lewis, and M.A. Limber

On Convex Functions having Points of Gateaux Differentiabilty which are not Points of Frechet Differentiability

CORR 1992-04

J.M. Borwein and M. Fabian

Symmetric functions and Macdonald's conjecture for top connexion coefficients in the symmetric group

CORR 1992-03

I.P. Goulden and D.M. Jackson

Asymptotic Properties of Rooted 3-connected Maps on Surfaces

CORR 1992-02

Edward A. Bender*, Zhicheng Gao*, L. Bruce Richmond, and Nicholas Wormald

The Determination of optimal normal bases over finite fields

CORR 1992-01

Shuhong Gao