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Are you or someone you know, an active complex systems scholar outside UW, but in Canada? University of Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation (WICI) is seeking applicants for two new categories of WICI membership: External Core Membership and External Node Coordinator Membership. We are considering starting a Canadian Network for Complex Systems (CNCS), with our external node coordinator members establishing the first nodes.

A formal letter with background information and application guidelines can be viewed here.

Judges reviewed a total of 24 complex-systems presentations and chose seven winners at April's Student Project Symposium. Choosing the top three in each category was not an easy task! Thank you to all who participated to make this event a success, and a special thanks to Kirsten Wright for her hard work in organizing and promoting the event. Congratulations to our winners!

Graduate Session Winners Undergraduate Session Winners

1st Prize - Kathryn Fair

'Climate change & the future of forest-grassland mosaics'

1st Prize - Erica J. McDonald 

'Examining the association between marginalization and emergency room wait times in Ontario'

2nd Prize - Hazem Ahmed

'Addressing barriers to adoption of source-control stormwater management practices on private residential yards in Kitchener/Waterloo'

2nd Prize - Amanda Pereira

'Quality of care for persons with concurrent substance use and mental health'

3rd Prize (tied) - Ajar Sharma

'Cauvery River: Path dependencies and feedbacks in water sharing conflicts'  

3rd Prize (tied) - Julia Goyal

'Navigating health and safety in Airbnb’s self-regulating system'

3rd Prize - Mona Qutub

'Potential unintended consequences of co-operative education: Food insecurity among undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo'

Graduate Session prize winners, from left to right: Hazem Ahmed, Kathryn Fair, Julia Goyal (missing from photo: Ajar Sharma)

Undergraduate session prize winners (left to right): Erica McDonald, Amanda Pereira and Mona Qutub