Affiliate researcher, University of Waterloo

David Porreca

Associate Professor, Classical Studies

David Porreca, Associate Professor and Chair of Classical Studies, and Co-Director of Medieval Studies at University of Waterloo, researches Medieval intellectual history, especially the pagan Classical tradition in the Christian Middle Ages. In addition, he has become interested in ancient and Medieval magic, astrology, alchemy, palaeography, manuscript transmission and glosses, and produced a new English translated the Latin astral magic text known as Picatrix in 2019. In parallel to his interest in intellectual history, he has begun examining the dynamics of the rise, flourishing and downfall of complex societies, such as ancient Roman civilization, especially with regard to the impact of resource depletion on these processes. David joined WICI's Steering Committee in 2022.

Marek Stastna

Associate Dean, Computing and Professor, Applied Mathematics

Marek Stastna, Associate Dean of Computing and Professor of Applied Mathematics is an applied mathematician by training (PhD, Waterloo 2001).  His applied mathematics interests are rooted in the descriptions of nonlinear waves, whether analytical (perturbation theory, variational methods) or numerical.  His post PhD career has covered a broad range of application topics, with coastal oceans and large lakes the primary focus.  He has made occasional forays into climate modeling, hydrology and other porous media problems.  He enjoys developing numerical models, and has been involved in large, MPI based models, GPU based models as well as data analysis methods meant for a non-technical audience. 

David Porreca

Associate Professor and Chair, Classical Studies

David Porreca is an Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Classical Studies and the Co-Director of Medieval Studies Undergraduate Program, at University of Waterloo. David's research interests broadly involve Medieval intellectual history, especially the reception of the pagan Classical tradition in the Christian Middle Ages.

Bruce MacVicar

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bruce MacVicar, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is interested in complex systems related to alluvial rivers where the form of the river is determined by a complex interplay between flow shear stress and turbulence, sediment transport, vegetation growth, and the development of bedforms like riff

Simone Philpot

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Conflict Analysis Group

Simone Philpot is a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Systems Design Engineering at University of Waterloo. She merges insights from the decision sciences with interactive modeling to examine linked socio-environmental challenges and to design interventions to address conflicts arising from them.

Rebecca Saari

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rebecca Saari is an Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her research team builds models to inform sustainable engineering and sustainable decisions and seeks to quantify the linkages between air quality, energy, climate, and equity.


Luis Ricardez-Sandoval

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems

Luis Ricardez-Sandoval is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems. Dr. Ricardez-Sandoval's current research interests are focused on the development and application of novel optimization tools for various emerging applications including multiscale systems.