Math+X Inter-Faculty Research Workshop on Interdisciplinary Applications of Data

Friday, September 22, 2023

The Math faculty hosted the Data + Computation for the 5 Global Futures workshop on September 20th with the goal of initiating inter-Faculty, interdisciplinary research. With over 40 researchers from the six faculties in attendance, the workshop provided information on the new provost-funded Interdisciplinary Master's Fellowship in Computation and Data (i-Comp-Data) and held presentations from researchers across the university to shed light onĀ current and potential applications of data and computation.

Six Computational Math Masters students currently have projects funded by the i-Comp-Data fellowship program with supervisors from the Math, Engineering, Environment, Science, and Arts faculties, their projects can be viewed on the i-Comp-Data website under Funded Projects.

If you are a faculty member or a student who would like to get involved, you can view the Prospective Supervisors or Prospective Students pages for more information.

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