Sunday, March 22, 2020

This message was originally sent to instructors in the Faculty of Mathematics by Steve Vavasis, associate dean, computing.

The license below allows our students to download MATLAB to their personal laptops and then use it until June 30 without connecting to the internet (and in particular, without connecting to our campus VPN). This will make the use of MATLAB  easier for the students, which in turn makes it more feasible for W’20 instructors to assign a project involving MATLAB  programming.

What is happening? The University of Waterloo has obtained a site license for MATLAB and Simulink until June 30, 2020. All faculty, researchers, students and staff are eligible to download and install Matlab on their personally-owned computers, university-issued computers, or use Matlab Online in a web browser. Please note that commercial use of MathWorks products is not covered by our Campus-Wide License; if you are using a commercial license, please continue to do so.

To download or use MATLAB online:
1.    Go to the University of Waterloo’s MATLAB Portal.
2.    Click 'Sign in to get started' under the Get MATLAB and Simulink section.
a.    If you have an existing MathWorks account (set up with your email), use your email address to log in.
b.    If you do not have an existing MathWorks account, or your MathWorks account was not set up with a email address, create an account using your email address.
3.    Once your account is set up, you will be linked to our MATLAB license and will be able to:
a.    Download and activate software on your personal computer.
b.    Start using MATLAB Online from a Web browser without installing anything.

Where can I learn more?
•    Access free, self-paced training to get started in less than 2 hours: MATLAB Onramp.
•    If you have trouble installing MATLAB, go to the MATLAB Portal and click 'Need Installation Help' to get support.

Questions or concerns? Please contact