Current Course Offerings

Culture and Language Studies Course Offerings for Fall 2022

*ARTS students should carefully check which courses meet the category requirements of the ARTS Breadth Table. For example, language courses fit the “Languages and Cultures” category while English and Religious Studies courses fit the “Humanities” category.

Applied Language Studies (APPLS)

APPLS 205R - Second Language Acquisition
APPLS 301R - Language, Culture, and Identity

Arabic Language (ARABIC)

ARABIC 101R - Introduction to Arabic 1
ARABIC 201R - Intermediate Arabic 1

American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL 101R - American Sign Language 1
ASL 102R - American Sign Language 2

Chinese Language & Culture Courses (CHINA)

CHINA 101R - First-Year Chinese 1
CHINA 102R - First-Year Chinese 2
CHINA 120R - Advanced First-Year Chinese
CHINA 201R - Second-Year Chinese 1
CHINA 202R - Second-Year Chinese 2
CHINA 301R - Third-Year Chinese 1

East Asian Studies (EASIA)

​EASIA 100R - Introduction to East Asia
​EASIA 120R - Monsters and Magic in Japanese Popular Culture
​EASIA 202R - Chinese Culture and Society
EASIA 203R - Japanese Culture and Society
EASIA 204R - Korean Culture and Society
​EASIA 360R - Pre-Modern Chinese Literature

English Language & Literature (ENGL)

ENGL 132R - Introduction to Modern Arab and Muslim Drama
ENGL 140R - The Use of English

English Language Studies (EMLS) - Undergraduate Courses

EMLS 101R - Oral Communications for Academic Purposes
EMLS 102R - Clear Communication in English Writing
EMLS 103R - Effective English Pronunciation
EMLS 129R - Written Academic English

English Language Studies (EMLS) - Graduate Courses

EMLS 601R- Speaking English for Professional Purposes
EMLS 602R - Scholarly Writing in English
EMLS 622R - Thesis Writing in English

Japanese Language & Culture Courses (JAPAN)

JAPAN 101R - First-Year Japanese 1
JAPAN 102R - First-Year Japanese 2
JAPAN 201R - Second-Year Japanese 1
JAPAN 202R - Second-Year Japanese 2
JAPAN 301R - Third-Year Japanese 1

Korean Language & Culture Courses (KOREA)

KOREA 101R - First-Year Korean 1
KOREA 102R - First-Year Korean 2
KOREA 201R - Second-Year Korean 1
KOREA 301R - Third-Year Korean 1

Mohawk Language (MOHAWK)

MOHAWK 101R - Mohawk Language 1

Religious Studies (RS)

RS 242R - Religious Diversity and Social Development
RS 420R - Critical Encounter with Human Nature            

Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures (SI)

SI 121R - Islam in the World
SI 132R - Introduction to Modern Arab and Muslim Drama
SI 250R - The History of Islamic Civilization from Late Antiquity to 1300
SI 310R - Digital Spirituality: New Media Art in the Middle East/North Africa Diaspora