Current Course Offerings

Culture and Language Studies course offerings for winter 2021

*All CLS courses will be offered online for the winter 2021 term.

Applied Language Studies (APPLS)

APPLS 304R- Second Language Teaching Methodology
APPLS 306R- Second Language Assessment and Testing


ARABIC 101R - Introduction to Arabic 1
ARABIC 102R- Introduction to Arabic 2
ARABIC 202R - Intermediate Arabic 2


ARTS 130 - Inquiry and Communication (Topic: What are You Saying?)
ARTS 130 - Inquiry and Communication (Topic: Canadian Literature in Ruins)
ARTS 140 - Information and Analysis (Topic: Language Learning Truths)

American Sign Language 

ASL 101R - American Sign Language 1
ASL 102R - American Sign Language 2

Chinese Language & Culture Courses (CHINA)

CHINA 101R- First-Year Chinese 1
CHINA 102R- First-Year Chinese 2
CHINA 120R- Advanced First-Year Chinese
CHINA 201R- Second-Year Chinese 1
CHINA 202R- Second-Year Chinese 2
CHINA 302R- Third-Year Chinese 2
CHINA 401R- Introduction to Classical Chinese 1

East Asian Studies (EASIA)

​EASIA 100R - Introduction to East Asia
​EASIA 202R- Chinese Culture and Society
EASIA 203R- Japanese Culture and Society
EASIA 205R - Religions of East Asia (cross-listed with RS 201)
EASIA 302R - China: Foreign Policy Since 1949 (cross-listed with PSCI 385)
EASIA 336R  - Korean Pop Culture

English (ENGL)


- Fiction
ENGL 140R - The Use of English
ENGL 248 - Literature for an Ailing Planet

English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) - Undergraduate Courses

EMLS 101R- Oral Communications for Academic Purposes
EMLS 102R- Clear Communication in English Writing
EMLS 103R- Effective English Pronunciation
EMLS 129R - Written Academic English

English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) - Graduate Courses

EMLS 601R- Speaking English for Professional Purposes
EMLS 602R - Scholarly Writing in English
EMLS 621R - Speaking Effectively About Your Research
EMLS 622R - Thesis Writing in English

Japan Language & Culture Courses (JAPAN)

JAPAN 101R- First Year Japanese 1
JAPAN 102R- First Year Japanese 2
JAPAN 201R- Second Year Japanese 1
JAPAN 202R- Second Year Japanese 2
JAPAN 301R- Third Year Japanese 1
JAPAN 302R- Third-Year Japanese 2

Korea Language & Culture Courses (KOREA)

KOREA 101R- First-Year Korean 1
KOREA 102R- First-Year Korean 2
KOREA 201R- Second Year Korean 1
KOREA 202R- Second Year Korean 2

Mohawk Courses

MOHAWK 101R - Mohawk Language 1 (cross-listed with INDG 101)

Religious Studies

RS 100 - Religions of Asia
RS 201 - Religions of East Asia (cross-listed with EASIA 205R)
RS 229R - Canadian Christianity and Social Change
RS 270R - Religion in Popular Film (cross-listed with FINE 252)

Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures (SI)

SI 131R - Arab Culture
SI 251R - The History of Islamic Civilization from 1300-1800: The Islamic Gunpowder Empires
SI 315R - Islam, Women, and the Modern World (cross-listed with GSJ 315)