UWaterloo Research Hub is Driving Quantum Leaps in Research

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Picture of Michele Mosca

CPI’s Michele Mosca (whom you might remember from our prior CPI Talk) is part of UWaterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC).  

Since 2002, they are globally recognized for curating breakthroughs in quantum research. One of these achievements may include creating the world’s first quantum computer within the next 15 years. Mosca remarked that “we are well positioned to become the market leaders” 

IQC is also interested in sharing this knowledge with the general public.  To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they launched Quantum Perspectives: A Panel Series on April 14. Throughout the year, their researchers will host panel discussions regarding quantum research. Their next event, Quantum Perspectives: Communication, will be held on June 14th!

Recently, April 14th marked World Quantum Day. To celebrate, Waterloo Region Record, interviewed Mosca about IQC’s developing history and the current quantum landscape in Waterloo.