Celebrating 20 Years of Quantum at IQC

We're celebrating 20 years of quantum information science research at IQC

We're turning 20 in 2022! Over the past two decades, the Institute for Quantum Computing's (IQC) leading quantum research has powered the development of transformative technologies, from ideas to commercialization, through research in theory, experiment and quantum applications.

IQC launched in 2002 thanks to the pioneering vision and incredibly generous personal investment of Mike Lazaridis. The BlackBerry creator understood that truly revolutionary technologies can only emerge when scientists are given the resources and intellectual freedom to pursue trailblazing research. With the support and entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Waterloo, IQC has grown into the most interdisciplinary quantum centre with the scale, expertise and talent required to position Canada as a quantum leader globally. 

Celebrate 20 years of quantum at IQC with us, and peek into the future of this fascinating field that is already impacting the world around us through powerful new technologies and applications.

Quantum Perspectives: A Panel Series

This year, we’re offering a panel series exploring all perspectives of quantum, including sensing, materials, communication, simulation and computing to celebrate IQC's 20th anniversary. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming – mark your calendars and check back for more details.

Upcoming panels

  • Tuesday, June 21 - Quantum Perspectives: Communication
  • September - Quantum Perspectives: Computing
  • November - Quantum Perspectives: Simulation
  • December - Quantum Perspectives: Materials

Past panels

 Quantum Perspectives: Communication

Tuesday, June 21
12:00 p.m. ET
Live on YouTube

Communication networks are an essential part of our world today, used in transactions from banking to education, global business exchanges to defence. What happens when our private information is no longer private? Powerful quantum computers will have the ability to crack the encryption of public keys that we currently use to secure our data, putting our privacy at risk.

Through the study of quantum communication, researchers are developing quantum-safe cryptography protocols along with ultra-secure communication channels and global quantum networks. In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from three researchers who are at the forefront of discovery and application of quantum communication research:

  • Katanya Kuntz, Research Associate, IQC and QEYSSat Science Team Coordinator
  • Sara Zafar Jafarzadeh, Research Fellow, IQC and Cryptographer, Synopsys Inc.
  • Dave Touchette, Professor, Institut Quantique, Université de Sherbrook

We'll see you live on YouTube! Set your reminder now.